Sudah lancar bicara Bahasa Indonesia?

We really want to help you keep learning Indonesian, to keep improving your Indonesian and to enjoy a range of material in Indonesian. To do that effectively, we still need to maintain a 'step-by-step' or 'spiralling' approach, so that you continually learn a few new words and expressions while practicing what you've recently learned. Without that you'll be a bit at a loss wondering what material is at your level.

The best option for advanced learners is our monthly membership for $10. With that, you get access to all material, including and especially the dialogues and audio recordings that are organized based on vocabulary levels with new words and their definitions provided for you, along with vocabulary lists in groups of 50 new words.

As a member, you can also chat with us via email, Facebook or Skype and our teachers will correct your mistakes. Basically, we link you up with one teacher so that you can have an ongoing dialogue with them. Such communication is not only enjoyable, but essential for correcting your mistakes before they become consistent mistakes and bad habits. It also helps keep you motivated and actively learning since they'll send a 'hello' from time to time if you haven't replied in a while.

You also get access to many videos and movies such as the ones on the right. These all come with 'active text' so you can easily listen to each part and slow it down as much as necessary to help you catch what's being said and to practice speaking along with the audio.

If you have any questions, please just send us an email.

(Please note, access for packages and memberships are set up manually once we receive email notification of payment. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.)