A continued step-by-step approach..

As you progress from a beginner level, the most important aspect is to continue developing your understanding of words while adding new words and expressions. In fact, it's not so much a 'step-by-step' approach but rather a 'spiralling' approach. Previously introduced material is covered again and again in new situations and new dialogues, thus expanding the student's understanding of how to use each word to express ideas.

For example, the word 'kurang' (less, decrease ; minus ; lack s.t. ; not enough) is used to express different ideas. If you're dishing out rice for someone and they say, "Kurang.", they probably mean, "That's too much.", meaning 'less, decrease', but with a different intonation it can mean "That's not enough, give me some more!".

Similarly, you need to be careful if you want to say, "There are less .... there." If you wanted to say, "There are less mosquitoes there." but said, "Di sana kurang nyamuk.", what you actually just said is "There aren't enough mosquitoes there.", so perhaps your maid will go collect a bunch of mosquitoes and put them in your room. ;)

What you have to say is, "Di sana nyamuknya kurang." and put the emphasis on 'nyamuk', otherwise you could reverse the meaning again by changing the tone used in 'kurang'.

Another simple and very common example is the expression, "Tahu!". When stated as an exclamation, it means "I don't know.", "I have no idea!" or "How should I know?". They may also say, "Tahu saya." which means, I don't know.

Our learning packages are designed help you learn these details while slowly introducing new words and expressions, thus helping you steadily progress from 'beginner', to 'pre-intermediate', to 'intermediate'. About 10-15 new words are introduced in each dialogue and each dialogue also has a series of exercises to help 'activate' what you're learning. (See the format in 'Bob Saja'.)

Each package is divided into 2 levels with about 10 dialogues for each level, thus slowly building up your vocabulary while giving you lots of practice with words learned up to that point.

Pre-Intermediate Package :
Level 2 : 250-400 words
Level 3 : 400-550 words

Intermediate Package :
Level 4 : 550-750 words
Level 5 : 750-1000 words

In addition to the Intermediate Learning Package, students at this level will greatly benefit from Skype lessons, and/or a membership so that they can actively practice what they're learning and get help expressing their own ideas.

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